Monday, 4 June 2012

2187 It's A Beautiful World

1963 Canadian  film "21-87":
George Lucas reportedly saw it two dozen times as a film student at USC before making in 1967 ELECTRONIC LABYRINTH THX-1138 4EB, the first version with the U.S. Navy's participation, one
that won him a film award
"2187" is also BTW the numerical designation where Princess Leia is held prisoner aboard the Death Star in the 1977 "STAR WARS"Whatta coincidinkOne could make the case for plagiarism:
George Lucas catapulted to fame and fortuneArthur Lipsett lived in poverty and committed suicide in 1986, incidentally the year Lucas laid his first egg, "Howard The Duck"

DEVO said it best, "It's A Beautiful World"

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