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"BOY!" — BOY Illustrated Vol. 1, #1, June 1962

or Butch Patrick appeared as "Eddie Munster", this obscure humor magazine was on
the newsstands 
though NO information on it is available on Google or any search engine.
Believe me I've tried! 
And how "chic" 
 Chic Stone cover!  
Even more curious is that the 'monster-boy' resembles another equally beloved
character that 
Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher created for MCA/CBS-TV in the 1950's,"The Beaver" played by Jerry Mathers on Leave It To Beaver (albeit a rabid one!), and as everyone knows Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher were involved in the creation of 
In fact, the "1313 Mockingbird Lane" residence exterior is glimpsed not once, but twice in the May 13, 1961 Leave It To Beaver episode "Community Chest" in which "The Beav" and his pal go up to the imposing structure (minus the stone wall and rusted gate) after losing all the money on a bench and the old woman who resides there, Dorothy Neumann (another William Castle alumni, 13 Screaming Girls) as she gives another donation the TV camera has a medium-shot focused on Mathers and Morticia Addams' wicker chair
is clearl
y seen in the background right behind Beaver on the porch!
Immediately afterwards the next shot is the post-4D Man Lee Meriwether who answers her door and does likewise
 Lee Meriwether was "Lily Munster" on the late 80's sitcom
The Munsters Today

The house itself was seen in another 
William Castle movie, 13 Ghosts, as well as "Phoebe Munster", Joan Harrington in Castle's gender-bender 'psycho' knock-off.

Here's the rest of the scans of BOY ILLUSTRATED that were available:

"The Tall Man", "Angus Scrimmaka Lawrence Rory Guyfrom Don Coscarelli's Phantasm.
*who also wrote the liner notes for Capitol Records' U.S. release of With The Beatles

"...a hot dog makes them lose control..."


  1. Better 5 months late than never!!

    The boy on the cover is Stone's interpretation of the boy (who grew into Oliver Reed) in Hammer's CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF. (

    Boy Illustrated lasted only 2 issues and was published by Chic Stone himself!

  2. I've been looking for the magazine forever. I have great memories of it - a memory I was beginning to doubt as I could find nothing on it. Thanks for posting! You don't happen to have a scan of the bite size human heads label, or the article on where to hide things?

  3. Loved that magazine. Still have my copies buried in a comics box somewhere. Despite what Mike H said, however, I'd always thought there were more than two issues.